Growing up in a small coastal town on the coast of New South Wales in Australia, I lived and breathed the surf culture of the 70’s. Our friends had old Holden station wagons with surfboards stacked one on top of the other, shoulder length hair bleached white from hundreds of hours in the surf and they glazed their bodies in oil and lied for hours peacefully on the beach perfecting their tans.

But the surf culture was so much more, it was about freedom, youth, hope, fun and whether you were riding the waves or diving under them to save yourself from being spun over and over in a sand washing machine, it was a way of life.

That way of life has stayed with me like saltwater in my veins and when I moved to Italy in the year 2000 it was the most natural thing in the world for me to hit the beach.

A new love was born for the Mediterranean sea in particular Italian beaches. It’s this love of the sea and the Ocean that has inspired my photographic series La Vacanza Italiana and Water Jungle.

La Vacanza Italiana is a voluptuous celebration of beauty, colour and the sea with a giant dose of joie de vivre. Water Jungle, shot in Sydney, is a playful look at how Sydneysiders hit the beach in summer and how the ocean is such a beloved part of this beautiful city and my life.

The sea and are inseparable so stayed tuned for more saltwater series.