Welcome To My Colourful World

I'm so glad you made it to my corner of the world. I've had the pleasure of working with the world's best magazines and publishers as an editorial photographer for the past 20 years and here I share my personal joy. 

My pictures are playful, they draw from my love of travel, my fascination with the human spirit and they are about beauty and bliss. My emotions and values are inseparable from my photographs and they are as much about me as they are about my subjects!!

Needless to say, I have salt water in my veins and my happy place is on a beach or a dirt road at dusk, knowing that tomorrow there will be new places, stories and people to meet. I hope you enjoy browsing some of my work. 

Young Girl In Bloom

This series was inspired by that delicate age when young girls are between teenagers but not yet women. This incredible moment in life when young women are on the verge of greatness but often don't realise it.

These photos were created with the young girls around me in mind, who are so innately beautiful and powerful yet often don't see it in themselves.

The images have names such as I Believe in Me, Great Future Ahead, On My Way and Standing Her Ground and my wish is that they inspire women to look within at their own beauty, find their uniqueness and tap into their power.

Our newest addition to the collection is The Joy of Integrity, pictured here.

Stories from an Italian Vacation

The beauty of Italy in August is astounding. It’s not just the physical beauty of the Amalfi Coast as the mountain falls directly into the emerald sea, or the water that is so transparent you want to stare at your body through its beautiful green or deep blue filter, it’s the beauty of the beaches themselves. The way the ‘bagnini’ organise the beach umbrella and beds in a manner that is so artistic and beautiful that you will remember it forever. They lay them out in curved arches in blue and white, straight lines in orange and green or a delightful cacophony of rainbow colours that appear to have been placed by the master himself.

The memories you make on an Italian Vacation stay with you forever.

I hope this series transports you back to this little piece of paradise every time you see your favourite print and remember your memories of this magical place.

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