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I’m Carla, the girl that got away…

Like so many people who dream about doing it, at the end of bad week in Sydney almost 15 years ago, I actually did it. I left my life to go find the right one for me.

I figured out that I had been living the wrong life for most of my adult life and it was missing 3 vital ingredients love, adventure and passion for what I was doing.

I jumped on a plane to Italy, this led me to photography which I studied in Florence Italy. Photography led me to a whole new life jam packed full of adventure, passion and love.

For the past 15 years I have lived in Paris and Italy with Mr. Right, worked with Australian and International magazines including Harpers Bazaar, Vogue Entertaining and Travel, Gourmet Traveller, Inside Out, Australian House and Garden, Collezioni and many more.

I have also had the great fortune to have published 3 books of my own, Italian Joy, Paris Tango and Chasing a Dream and collaborated on a further 5, My French Life, French Essence, My Amalfi Coast, Naples A Way of Love and Made in Italy. All of this has brought me exceptional happiness.

During the past 4 years I have work closely with private clients to create portraits full of love, life and laughter for fun folk and Personal Brands and teach photography workshops.

Photography for me is more than taking pictures, photography is my emotional language, the way I see the world and the way I communicate. My emotions and values are inseparable from my photographs and they are as much about me as they are about my subjects.

My photography draws from a deep empathy and fascination for the human spirit and it is about honesty, beauty and joy. My pictures are playful and full of movement and often there is a twist of nostalgia, a peeling wall or a glimpse of faded grandeur looming in the background. You could call me romantic but without the schmaltz!

I take risks. I fly to the other side of the world on a photographic hunch, walk up the last street at the top of the hill, push open doors I shouldn’t, to find that special photo I have been looking for.

Sometimes I tread quietly waiting for that fleeting moment to come to me and other times I provoke it, I am noisy and loud wanting life to bounce off me straight into my camera.