Rewilding represents the collective stages from birth to midlife that many women will find familiar as they travel the roads of their lives yearning for the homecoming to their wild nature, their authentic self.

Each of us may believe the dark moments, tragedies, failures, the betrayals, the hard work, the fury, the disappointments, and the rebirth are unique to us and often suffer alone. Instead, I believe these stages are part of the glorious collective journey to reconnect to the untamed part of ourselves. An invitation to grow, to find the balance between our masculine and feminine energies, and to know the feeling of oneness with the world.

My wish with this work is to allow women to know that whatever they are experiencing they are not alone, that their sisters, mothers, aunts, friends, ancestors, and other women have all walked the same path home. Sharing the same longing to simply be ourselves, in our individual and collective magnificence, connected to nature and our earthly and spiritual parts.

The inspiration to create Rewilding was originally sparked by the brilliant book ‘She’ by Robert A. Johnson. I integrated my experience as a coach and listened to hundreds of stories of women finding their ways to ‘self’ to create my artistic representation of the stages, the dips in and out of consciousness, the beauty and wonder that is there for us when we have the courage to love who we are.

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